Schellevis® Seating elements

You’d like to create a unique spot to relax in? Schellevis® seating elements are ideal for both gardens and public outdoor space. This low-maintenance garden furniture is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The seating elements have the well-known traditional Dutch appearance and typical Schellevis® structure on all sides. So they combine perfectly with other products in the Schellevis® range.


The seating elements have the same structure as the slabs, curb stones or stackable elements. Combine them in your design and create balance and tranquility.

Low maintenance

De Schellevis® seating elements are practically maintenance free. Ideal for your garden or the public realm.

Floating effect

Order the elements with a smaller base to adjust the height make it level horizontally and create a floating effect.

Seating elements used in a...

Schellevis® Range

Combine the different Schellevis® products together in a design to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space. Take a look at the other products from our range.

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