Sustainability and Schellevis®

Have future generations enjoy a healthy outdoor space...

To achieve that ambition we have to put the work in now. With outdoor space as our domain and nature as the greatest source of inspiration, sustainability has been an important theme at Schellevis® for years. In everything we do, we
aim for the best quality while trying to make the smallest possible impact on people and nature.

That means in practice that we use natural materials in our production process
and recycle as much as possible. At present, more than 25% of material consists of recycled materials.

From sand to concrete

From sand to concrete

Delivery of sand and gravel takes place by boat. We do that because a single delivery of raw materials by boat is equal to 40 deliveries by lorry. In addition, we work with suppliers that are located in the vicinity of our production location. The average distance at present is roughly 70 kilometres. That way, before production starts, we have already saved many kilometres in transport and emissions.


The production is expertly designed and developed. Our machines have not only a minimal energy requirement but also a minimum wastage. In addition, the Schellevis® products are dried naturally and everything is 100% recyclable. If products don’t pass our strict quality control, we recycle them as a basic component to make new Schellevis® products. Our internal transport consists largely of electrical forklift trucks and bikes.



Just as we do in regards to quality, we ask independent bodies to assess our level of sustainability. Since 2016, we have had an NL Greenlabel and since 2022, we are one of the first producers of concrete slabs to have been awarded the CSC Certificate. CSC stands for Concrete Sustainability
Council. It’s a worldwide certification system that gives insight into and assurance about the sustainable, responsible origin of the raw materials used, an optimum production process and recyclability in the concrete industry.

And our focus on sustainability doesn’t stop here. Without making any concessions to quality, we continue to test and innovate in order to further improve the compositionand the production. Testing alternative compenents in place of cement, for example. That way, we minimise the impact on nature.


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